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Catching Hope


Kathy Cassel

Catching Hope: A pursuit fraught with danger.

Newly adopted Lexi Michaels is taking her first real vacation as she, twin brother Levi, adoptive brother Chad, and new cousin Jen head to Haiti where their dad, a pediatrician, will be volunteering in an island clinic. But who is the man who displays such hatred for the Michaels when they arrive at their resort? Is an attempted burglary as random as it appears? Will Jen ever accept the newcomers to the family? When the four teens set out to explore Haiti’s sights and history on their own, an unexpected encounter and natural disaster plunge them into adventure and danger. With their very survival at stake, can the four teens work together, or will Lexi’s dream of a “forever family” end in tragedy?


“Catching Hope is a must-read, Christian novel for teenagers that will keep them on the edge of their seat! It is a suspenseful, inspiring story of a family who faces an unexpected crisis when they travel to the country of Haiti. The protagonist has already faced years of trauma, and has no other choice but to turn to God in her desperation, finding that He has already given her and family the strength they needed to survive. With excellent descriptions and details of the setting, the author reminds both children and adult readers that they can overcome any challenge if they seek guidance from their family, but most importantly from their faith in God.”

Kathleen Hansley, licensed independent social worker/clinical therapist. (MSW, LISW)



Kathy Cassel has written a page-turner for today's teens. Packed with adventure, suspense, drama, danger, and a surprise ending, this story will have readers on the edge of their seats. Another great book from one of my favorite authors. 

Crystal Bowman--award-winning bestselling author of more than 100 books including I Love You to the Stars. 


Author Kathy Cassel has just the right amount of suspense and adventure in Catching Hope to keep you guessing to the end. I did not want to put the book down as I followed the characters through their adventures as they learned to work together while never losing hope. Juanita Barben, elementary paraprofessional


As a professional in the social work field I looked forward to reading Catching Hope. I was not disappointed. From page one Kathy Cassel draws you in and takes you through a suspense filled journey of Lexi’s unexpected journey on her first vacation with her forever family. The book offers hope today’s teens and touches on those in foster care or adopted. A must read. Lisa Reynolds, social worker

Chapter by chapter, a greater purpose unveils in Catching Hope. Four teenagers colored with diverse pasts, have to put aside their bias to work together and survive a seemingly impossible situation. Serving in the Republic of Haiti on a mission trip with their family, the four learn just how fraught the tiny island nation is with natural disasters, poverty, and corruption when they are kidnapped for revenge.


To escape capture in a rundown, isolated building tucked away in a remote part of the island, Lexi, Levi, Chad, and Jen each have to face the challenge of unpacking the baggage of past abuse, Autism, and the feeling of being unloved to find their way back. Unlikely heroism, surprising survival skills, and hidden compassion bubble to the surface eventually making the perfect blend of comradery to tackle the present and mounting adversity. 


Teresa Robbins, author


Catching Hope is another good read by Kathy Cassel. I thought it was one that was easily to read in one sitting. It is just under one hundred eighty pages long but full of intrigue. There was a lot there that I liked reading in a book. This includes: mystery, suspense, danger, action, and adventure. I love how there was a lot of faith elements to it. I found it to be an inspiration to read.

I am giving Catching Hope four and a half stars. I recommend this one for readers who are teenagers and up. I am sure they will not be disappointed. Kathy Cassel is starting to become among the authors that I look forward to reading. This one is definitely worth a read and should not be missed. I really like it.

I received Catching Hope from the publisher. This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion.

Amy -- GoodReads

Kathy Cassel is one of my favorite authors for teens. Her stories are packed with adventure, suspense, drama, danger, and surprise endings. CATCHING HOPE is a real page turner that will have readers on the edge of their seats. I love how she gently weaves in spiritual lessons about trusting God without being preachy or predictable. With age-appropriate themes for a Christian or secular audience, this book is a great addition to any home, school, or church library.

Jean B -- Amazon

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Set against the backdrop of the sport of freerunning, Kia must decide whether she will continue running or face her past abuser in order to save another child.



Everything you need in a great story.”

There are those rare, magic moments when you pick up a book, read the first few lines and immediately know you’ve found a gem. Freerunner is one of those stories.

Kiana’s unique circumstances and passions grab you, hold you, and never let you go. Coupled with a cast of characters you’d love to know in real life, such as Kiana’s friend Thorn, and a very real personal struggle with something too many have had to face, you find yourself drawn into not only Kiana’s story, but her world.

If you enjoy books that keep you ripping through the pages into the wee hours, Freerunner promises not only a great read, but a book you’ll want to share with friends and family. If you treat yourself to any books this season, make sure Freerunner is at the top of your list.

–T.E. Bradford, author of the Divide Series and Six World Saga books.

Kathy Cassel weaves a fast-paced, insightful, coming of age narrative that is not only engaging, tragic and full of emotional turmoil but also explores second chances and renewed faith.

Jeanne DeAngulo, veteran middle school/high school teacher


From the first paragraph, I was hooked by Cassel’s true-to-life story of teen “misfits” who find escape through freerunning. This action-packed tale of friendship and hope will capture even the most reluctant reader.

Lori Ewart, veteran high school/junior high English teacher and young people’s librarian.  


Kathy Cassel has long had a sincere heart for teens. Her writing proves it.

In Freerunner, a teen girl is mixed up in more than one way and goes through several phases of difficult emotions. Young adult readers will enjoy entering Kiana (Kia—“like the car”) Scott’s mind as she deals with some pretty tough issues.

It’s a great read filled with life lessons that will remain with the reader for a very long time. I highly recommend Freerunner.

Katara Washington Patton, author of Inspiration for Christian Teen Girls and other inspirational books


When I first picked up Kathy Cassel’s Freerunner, I was intrigued by the title. I had not been acquainted with such a sport so I read with great interest. The first chapter swept me into the storyline, soon revealing the main character’s pain, and her reason for freerunning. The sensitive topic of child abuse is handled with discretion, yet it is honest. Freerunner portrays what is often a lifelong journey as people struggle with such an assault on their body, soul, and spirit.


Joan C. Benson, author of His Gift, Elk Lake Publishing




As an adoptive/foster parent for 15 years I have personally received many children dealing with similar situations. Freerunner, written by Kathy Cassel, tackles a hard issue that many teens deal with today. The number of kids dealing with molestation is much higher than anyone realizes. It is a subject that many people find hard to discuss yet Freerunner is written in a realistic way that offers hope and healing for the children impacted. I highly endorse this book.

Felicia Melville, therapeutic foster parent


This story tackles tough issues with fast-paced action and suspense. The characters quickly come alive and you feel like you know them. Woven into the plot are unexpected twists and turns that make this story a great read. This is one of those books that's hard to put down because you can't wait to see what will happen next.  Great for teens, but adults as well.

Crystal Bowman--best selling, award-winning author of more than 100 books.


“A strong plot, unique characters, and deft airing of an oft-hidden issue, childhood sexual abuse, make this a young-adult book you’ll devour in one sitting.

Phyllis Wheeler, editor, reviewer, former publisher, and future Elk Lake Publishing author.

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