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Summer reading
Keep your child reading this summer. Whether he is a beginning reader, a teen, or somewhere in between, make books a part of his summer. Whether he reads a print book or reads from a phone or kindle, books make great travel companions. And if you want to add to the experience, pair a book on CD or Audible with the print version. 

Haven Point Publishing is up and running!

           A Thousand Lies

                     by Kathy Cassel

For talented teen photographer Bailey Collins, small-town life is good if predictable. Great friends. Loving if overly-protective parents. Academic and artistic success. An amazing new boyfriend.

Until a school field trip to a Chicago photography exhibit turns upside-down everything Bailey has believed about her life. Why are the baby pictures missing from her own past exhibited under another child’s name? Who is this elusive artist whose own identity appears as much a mystery as her exhibit? Or the hostile stranger bizarrely claiming to be Bailey’s birth father?


Above all, if everything about Bailey’s life is a lie, who are the people she has always called Mom and Dad? And if they can’t be trusted, how can she trust the loving God in whom they’ve taught her to place her faith? As a mountain of unraveling lies place both Bailey and those she cares about in danger, she sets out on a peril-filled quest to expose the truth. Will uncovering her true identity bring the closure and purpose Bailey seeks—or turn out to be the worst mistake of her life?

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