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Welcome to my author site. I write issue-based, faith-based Young Adult (YA) fiction. ​​I love listening to YA fiction while I drive. Often times the stories deal with difficult themes such as depression, death, suicide, bullying, abuse and more. They give the readers little hope. I want to write engaging stories with realistic characters that not only entertain, but also offer hope and healing to teens who have been through difficult times. Whether struggling or not, I hope you will enjoy the books.

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     Backpacks should not exceed more than 15% of the wearer's body weight. That means if your preteen weighs 100 pounds, the backpack shouldn't weigh more than 15 pounds--unless the backpack is on wheels, not on the user's back. Many students won't use backpacks on wheels because they aren't considered cool. Some schools have banned rolling backpacks due to the extra room they take up and accidents caused by students pulling backpacks.

     Does your child think it's cool to wear the back pack on just one shoulder? That's where a lot of problems start. The proper way to wear a backpack is on both shoulders with straps adjusted so it fits snuggly on the back with the bottom against the curve of the back. Wearing the pack too low or loose can pull a child backward and cause muscle strain. A waist strap is a plus, too, as it helps distribute the weight. Wearing the backpack like this might not be cool, but it's the only way to avoid strains and injuries.

      You might want to check what's in your child's back pack. It's not just books making the pack so heavy. Lap top computers, ipods, cell phones and other items add to the weight.

     Encourage your child to unload items he doesn't need, leave unneeded books at school and pack the rest so that the weight is evenly distributed. Then wear the back pack correctly or put it on wheels. It'll save him muscles strain and possible back problems during his school years.

Haven Point Publishing publishes Young adult realistic fiction books that have an interesting story world, feature engaging characters, contain action, suspense, and a quick paced read. They are issue-based, faith-based books that can either be a fun read or a step in your journey to hope and healing.


Three girls.

Three stories.

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           A Thousand Lies

                     by Kathy Cassel

For talented teen photographer Bailey Collins, small-town life is good if predictable. Great friends. Loving if overly-protective parents. Academic and artistic success. An amazing new boyfriend.

Until a school field trip to a Chicago photography exhibit turns upside-down everything Bailey has believed about her life. Why are the baby pictures missing from her own past exhibited under another child’s name? Who is this elusive artist whose own identity appears as much a mystery as her exhibit? Or the hostile stranger bizarrely claiming to be Bailey’s birth father?


Above all, if everything about Bailey’s life is a lie, who are the people she has always called Mom and Dad? And if they can’t be trusted, how can she trust the loving God in whom they’ve taught her to place her faith? As a mountain of unraveling lies place both Bailey and those she cares about in danger, she sets out on a peril-filled quest to expose the truth. Will uncovering her true identity bring the closure and purpose Bailey seeks—or turn out to be the worst mistake of her life?

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