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Showing Kindness Everyday

February is a month where thoughts to turn relationships, but really, focusing on relationships and kindness should be a year round theme. Author and speaker Linda Gilden shares tips for showing kindness every day.

Showing Kindness Every Day

My three-year-old opened the kitchen door and screamed, “Come here! Quick!” I hurried back inside.

“What’s the matter?” I asked expecting blood or worse.

She pointed to the kitchen cabinet. She had arranged seven folded potato chips. In our family, folded potato chips say, “I love you.”

Small acts or words can change the course of someone’s day. Be alert for ways you can encourage others with small deeds.

  • Be aware of things that are special to your friends. It might be folded potato chips but it could be the corner piece of the brownie, the front seat in the car, a single flower.

  • Some people respond to acts of service rather than gifts—unload the dishwasher, come to a meeting early to help set up chairs, wash the car without being asked, cook and take dinner.

  • Use kind words and make sure your body language matches them. Often because of our upbringing we say the right thing, but our slumped shoulders, rolling eyes, or stance indicate otherwise. Make it a habit to brighten someone’s day with heartfelt, encouraging words.

Many times the little things make the biggest difference!

Linda Gilden is a writer and speaker living in SC. She believes in the importance of finding everyday ways to encourage others. She is the author of 11 books many of which are about encouraging others. connect with Linda and find out more about her books and speaking engagements through her webpage HERE

A few of the books you may want to read:

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