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2021 in review in pictures part 2

2021 was a year full of changes and challenges, good times and bad, but above all of hope. There is always hope.

So here is part 2 of 2021 in pictures

July was a month of travel. Kaleb was in Ecuador, Kayla in Montana, and Jasmine and I took River and Winter to Indiana.

August brought everyone back home just in time for a family trip to Deep Creek Campgrounds near Bryson City, NC. We joined another adoptive family for tubing and rafting.

In september we continued with scuba.

In October we had fun with costumes.

In November we were together for Thanksgiving.

In December Kameron celebrated his first Christmas with a lot of help from the rest of us.

And that's 2021 in review. Biggst accomplishments for me were getting advanced specialties in boat dives, deep dives, navigation, and buoyancy to get my SDI advanced diver certification plus I learned to shoot and qualified for my conceal carry license. I was even able to shoot my dad's WWII German Lugar.

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