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And so it continues

I meant to post more frequently. Bright, witty posts. Posts full of fun that would draw readers back.


You have the wrong blog for that.

Just a couple of days after I posted the last blog post, my sister contacted me that my mom was not doing well and had been taken to the hospital. It didn't look like she would recover.

Four generation picture taken summer 2016

It was Wednesday evening when my sister told me that our mom wasn't going to make it. I was on the road to Indiana Friday morning, only a few weeks after my previous trip to see her was interrupted by hospital personnel that insisted I need to be in Florida, and so my final trip to see her was ruined. I'm not going to say anymore on that issue, but believe me, I'm biting my tongue.

On Sunday morning we signed paperwork to sign her into hospice. They took her Monday afternoon and she died hours later, just after midnight. In fact it was still Monday for my kids when I notified them, but it was an hour later in Indiana making it Tuesday August 30.

I hope she knows I was there, but I think it was

way too late for that.

Tomorrow I head back to Indiana to take care of her house and such. I wanted to take her back to Lake Michigan for one last visit. She always wanted to go back. It was suppose to happen on the trip that was interrupted, but it didn't. So I'm going to Lake Michigan, and she can go in memory.

While her life is over, other lives are just beginning. I'll leave you with photos of the two youngest. The only two to not meet Grandma Sims this side of heaven.

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