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I Needed a Happy Place

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

I needed a happy place. Somewhere to balance out the rest of my life.

This has been a year of loss. Loss of my mom, father-in-law, random aunts and uncles on my husband's side (including one that died today who I really liked. And the loss of dreams. That one is perhaps the hardest one.

Some days I am so discouraged about the lack of book sales and reviews that I'd stop writing if I could. But the stories swirl in my head and have to be written down.

The week Rick and I were going to go on a trip for our 35th anniversary has come and gone. He is still totally wheelchair bound.

I'm not getting the things done that I need to get done.

I needed a place to get away. A place to think. A place to play. A happy place.

And I found it less than a block from my house.

Sure, I'd gone down there before to sit and look out at the water.

But now I swim, kayak, paddleboard, think, cry, laugh, and sit with one of my dogs much more often.

The younger kids love it too.

DaisyBell is 17 months old



River is 7

Kam is 2

Winter is 6

So for now, this is my happy place. The place I can clear my mind by swimming or another activity or even in the silence of the night.

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