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International Day of the Midwife

International Day of the Midwife isn't a day we hear much about. I noticed it on one of those calendars that has every imaginable day. Peanut butter, ice cream, rescue pets, and various diseases are among some of them.

But wikipedia says: International Day of the Midwife was first celebrated May 7, 1991, and has since been observed in over 50 nations around the world. The idea of having a day to recognize and honor midwives came out of the 1987 International Confederation of Midwives conference in the Netherlands.

When saw that midwives got their own day, several ideas popped into my mind at once. So I'll post them below in no particular order.


I'm sad that I'm through all the seasons of Call the Midwive on Netflix. That's because I binge watched the first few seasons. Okay, and the newest season too!

Anyone else watch this on Netflix? Who was your favorite midwife or did yours get killed off, married off, or meet some other fate?


International Day of the Midwife reminds me of two lesser known but very brave women of the Bible. I wrote about them in my devotion book The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids published by Tyndale. They are featured on February 7. And they are also featured in my book The One Year Book of Devos for Girls Starring Women of the Bible also published by Tyndale. But you can also read about them in the Bible in Exodus chapter 1. Anyone know their names? Hard to promounce, harder to spell! (Be sure to check out those devotion books if you have preteens).


My most recent baby experience was getting to watch my youngest grandchild being born. I've given birth to two children, but this was my first time watching from the other end! My daughter was very brave. Baby had stopped tolerating labor well, and it became important to get her delivered immediately. My daughter was a champ and pushed baby out in under 10 minutes avoiding a potential C-section. And I think my daughter, who will soon be a nurse, would make a great labor and delivery nurse.

So those are my random thoughts on the International Day of the Midwife

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