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Life Happens Part 1

It' s Mother's Day. I'm still getting used to not having a mother and to the fact that it makes my sister, brother, and I the oldest generation. This photo is of one of my daughters with her husband and daughter. The oldest daughter was baptized this morning.

It's been months since I posted, but I'm still dealing with a lot of the issues I mentioned in the last post. Still missing my job. Still wishing my books would sell. Still needing reviews on amazon for my books.

I think it was after that last post that I found out I have degenerative arthritis in most of my joints, but it hits me the most in the hips and left foot. And I found out I have degenerative disk disease in my neck. I am avoiding surgery and doing physical therapy. I will keep active as long as I can keep active. My DDD does limit my activities as far as type, though.

But here are some of the highlights of those months I didn't post.

Tyler and I went to NYC. I've gone there with Jessica alone, Jasmine alone, Jasmine and Tyler, Jessica, Jasmine, and Kayla, and in April, Tyler alone. The trip has been different each time depending on the interests we share.

Tyler wanted to do more event-oriented activities, so we went to the Tartan Day Parade, and then to Japan Fest, and Dragon Fest. We tried to do the Red Bus tour, but it was 41F with wind and we were on the exposed top of the bus with only hoodies and no gloves, hats, or real coats. We ended up jumping off and going to Central Park instead. We looked for some specific things we wanted to find.

We went shopping and did some sightseeing. It was short, but good.

Coney Island Aquarium

Central Park

Nintendo Store

New York Pizza

I think we spent more time absorbing the culture than sightseeing and shopping, although we did plenty of those too.

It's after midnight, so technically not Mother's Day anymore. I'm going to end this and post the rest later. Hopefully not months later!

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