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Life Happens Part 2

I'm in Indiana. I'm staying at my sister's house, and this is when I miss my mom the most. I should be staying at her house. That's where I stay every time I come. Except her double wide that was just down the street from my sister's is gone, and a new one stands in its place. Walking by it today, it reminded me with all certainty that she is gone. No more spending nights with her during visits.

That makes me realize that my sister, brother, and I are the oldest generation now. Although no one knows how many years they have left I figure I have 20-30 years. I want them to count. I want to live stronger, with passion and purpose. I want to have bigger adventures and travel more. And I will. Because I am planning for it. I am going to finish strong. I was talking to my physical therapist about it because of the limits from arthritis and degenerative disk disease. He told me to just keep moving.

So I will. In fact, after the New York trip, I took Jasmine and went to St Augustine. We climbed 219 steps to the top of the St. Augustine lighthouse, we bought snorkel gear, and we took the tour bus.

It was a good time and full of memories, and we are planning our next trip.

Now I'm in Indiana, and when I get back to FL I'll be working on my 25 year plan as well as my life list. I've done many of the common things on lists:

visited another country

gone on a cruise

gone scuba diving

ridden a horse

ridden a motorcycle

climbed a lighthouse

written a book

and so on

So here are my questions for you:

What's on your life list that you've done? That you have yet to do?

Where have you traveled? Where do you plan to visit? What's your dream trip?

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