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Taking Time out for Family

I planned to post more often, but the weather has been great, the kids were on spring break for a week, and even after they returned to school, the rest of us have spent the last couple of weeks hanging out. Not everyone is shown in the pictures due to them being in different locations than where I was taking photos.

Hanging out and walking in the park before we hit the beach.

We love beach time whether we walk, swim, or sleep!

This is a smaller beach with the littles.

Jessica and I were happy enough to sit and watch the two littles.

Everyone needs a spring hat, right?

We set the pool up this weekend. It was a bit cool, but it didn't stop them from having fun here while Mom was in class.

Early Easter surprises. Everyone has to dive for Easter treats Friday at the springs. Hoping for clear visibility. The littles get to wade into shallow water. Everyone else has to snorkel, free dive, or scuba dive for their Easter prizes.

But now I have to get back to work. I am working on my third YA novel and hoping to have it done and ready to submit by summer. In the meantime, the reader for Freerunner has agreed to do the audible version of Catching Hope, so that should be pretty amazing.

Whether you are enjoying sun and sand or snow, take time to do something fun with your family today. Life is fragile. Cherish the moments and make new memories.

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