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Three girls
Three stories
Three journeys

 Kia Scott began freerunning to outdistance the memories of abuse she suffered when she was six. When her abuser returns nine years later, she must decide whether to keep running or speak up to save another child from the same fate.

 This Christian novel for young people is a powerful story that will not only keep readers engaged, but also could be the tool they need to speak out and get the help and encouragement they need. Katy H

A strong plot, unique characters, and deft airing of an oft-hidden issue, childhood sexual abuse, make this a young-adult book you’ll consume in one sitting. Phyllis W

Kathy Cassel did a great job of tackling a tough topic! This story is told with strong, complex, and believable characters. The topic of childhood sexual abuse is a difficult one to weave into a story but Kathy does it beautifully. Crystal B

Lexi and Levi spent many years in foster care. On their first ever family vacation they, along with their new brother and cousin are kidnapped. Now they must work together to escape and reach safety.

The characters are believable, relatable and truly inspiring and I am so thankful that I took a chance on this wonderful novel. Cristi

What a wonderful read. I sped through it, unable to put it down! Wren

As a homeschooling mother, I love finding quality books for young adults, so when I saw this book available for review, I had to read it. Full of suspense, action, and the power of God’s love and protection, I definitely enjoyed this story. Patti P

Everything Bailey thought true about herself was a lie. She sets out on a peril-filled quest to expose the truth. Will she find the answers she needs or find herself in over her head?

  Kathy Cassel is a master at writing intriguing stories that address tough topics in an age-appropriate way. Velma

Filled with mystery, suspense, adventure, and teen drama, A Thousand Lies is a page turner that's hard to put down. With its fast-paced, intriguing plot twists, this young adult novel will not disappoint. Crystal B

Kathy Cassel delivers yet another story packed full of intensity, discovery and action in this thrilling book about a teen trying to uncover the secrets that encompass her. TC Bradford




Three girls

Three stories

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