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Blog Tour Part 2

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As I mentioned in my last post, almost every review mentioned that Freerunner was a hard book to read. Thankfully overall the book seemed to have been well received. Here's a few comments from more of the blogs.

Day 4

This day's blog stop was an author interview, so I'll just list one of the questions and the link in case you want to read more of the interview.

#3. What drew you to write in this particular genre?

I love YA books, but most of the books I was checking out from the library had themes of depression, suicide, death and so on. I quickly realized the books didn’t offer any real answers or hope, and I felt a strong call to switch from devotion books to fiction that would reach teens with the message that there is a God, and he has a plan for them. If they walk away from the story with that hope, then I’ve succeeded in planting a seed of faith.

Day 5

This was another one who said it was a hard book to read, "This book is one that was hard to read at times, since it deals with the difficult subject of abuse and speaking out against it. My heart broke for Kia as she was put in the path of her abuser once again when her grandfather moves in with them. I just couldn't wrap my mind around how her mother would allow her daughter to be put in that position. It broke my heart when Thorn, her good friend, shares about Jesus with her and Kia has a hard time with the concept of a loving God due to what has happened to her."

She also added this part, which I love of course:

"The author does a wonderful job of handling a sensitive topic. This is an excellent book to pick up for older teens. It's a reminder to not let the abuser silence your voice."

Day 6

This blogger was one of two to mention this is my first novel. Not sure how she knew that, but she mentions it. "This is a new author to me and I found out this is her debut novel. I’m very impressed that with novel number one she comes out of the gate with something so heavy as childhood abuse, and in a young adult fiction novel. "

She goes on to analyze the book in ways the previous bloggers didn't. She also mentions the story about Larissa being on the cover. "I really love the story about the cover photo. Adoption is something near and dear to my heart as we have adopted and my kiddos do have issues to deal with that stem from their time before they came to us. I like seeing this normalized and talked about as that’s not something that used to happen. "

You can read her thoughts about the book at the link below.

I will share more from the blog tour in my next post.

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