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Catching Hope is on Blog Tour

Catching Hope is on blog tour for the next 13 days. I was a bit nervous about this due to the reactions to Freerunner on blog tour. Both books deal with real-life issues, but Freerunner follows the story of Kia dealing with her abuser and her feelings about it, whereas Catching Hope is an adventure story where four teens have to work together to escape kidnappers. The issues are woven into that backdrop.

The first review gave Catching Hope a positive review.

"This book sent me on an adrenaline filled adventure that left me trying to uncover clues."

You can read the rest on her blog.

I wanted to be able to post more about the cover model, but she's hard to catch up with due to her busy schedule. Hopefully I can share about her in coming days.

If you haven't yet gotten your copy of Catching Hope, it's available on amazon.

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