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Freerunner releasing soon!

Updated: May 8, 2020

In the past I've written preteen/young teen devotional or interactive non fiction books. But I've realized that sometimes a story is the best way to reach a reader. There is a healing quality to stories. So I'm pretty excited that my first fiction book releases soon. I'm not sure the actual age group it will be listed under, but I'd say 12-16 year olds. It is a story of abuse and healing. A story of hope.

Here is the cover:

To give you an idea of the plot, here is the short synopsis for the book.

Set against the backdrop of the sport of freerunning, Kia must decide whether she will continue running or face her past abuser in order to save another child.

Night is Kia’s favorite time. It’s when she can be anonymous as she runs to outdistance the voices in her head and the ugly images that are never far away. The abuse Kia suffered at the hands of her grandfather when she was six has left invisible scars that have never healed. Only her best friend Thorn knows how damaged she feels.

When her Grandfather not only returns to town, but moves in with Kia and her mother, Kia’s world is shaken. Freerunning, a creative way of running that incorporates gymnastic and acrobatic stunts, helps Kia flee both memories and the unanswered questions she has. Questions about the father she’s never met.

Former reality television star Terrence Jones arrives at the school as the new head track coach, and Kia decides to try out for the team. What can it hurt? And maybe being part of a team will help her feel more normal, although normal was stolen from her by her grandfather.

But making the track team only causes more turmoil. Why does the assistant coach, Cassandra Clark, dislike Terrence Jones so much, and even more troubling, why does Coach Clark dislike her so much?

When Terrence Jones starts a freerunning club at a local church and asks Kia to help, things seem to be looking up. Then Kia realizes her grandfather’s true intentions and knows she must face the past and act if she wants to save another child from the fate she suffered.


I'm also really excited that one of my friend's daughters let me photograph her for the cover. She is not a freerunner, but is in dance and modeling. Here are some of the photos we took.

Stay tuned for updates.

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1 Comment

Apr 23, 2020

Looking forward to seeing it in print

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