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Historic St Andrew's Panama City

I have two tik tok accounts. One features my personal life and the things connected with Toy Central (my shop that went down in Hurricane Michael) such as Goodwill outlet finds, Dollar Tree Finds, setting up at the flea market in Dothan etc. The other account is my writing account. It has been slow to take off. Probably because I'm not very good about social media.

So I decided to do two different special features this year--What Day Is It featuring some of the many, many special days we have such as National Spaghetti Day and Penguin Awareness Day. The other new feature is Exploring Florida where I look at smaller towns and areas. I started with historic St Andrews. I did it late on a Sunday morning and it was mostly empty in that area. Parts of it can be quite lively, and I hope to go back for some of the Mardi Gras celebration, but may not be able to schedule wise.

The first English settlement was founded in St Andrews in 1827. At that time it was known for shipping, boat building, salt and that sort of thing. In 1927 it was annexed into Panama City. It sits on St Andrews Bay, and Oaks by the Bay Park is quite popular.

St Andrews is a place that people visit merely to walk around. Shops and cafes line the main street and many of the side streets. I had hoped to eat in one of the cafes, but instead ended up having Jasmine join me at Slice House. It is amazing, but it is expensive-- $8-12 for a slice of pizza. Hers was surf and turf with crab cakes and beef and mine was Hawaii Five O with ham, pineapple, and BBQ sauce.

St Andrews hosts many festivals. Mardi Gras is the first weekend of February. The children's parade is Friday afternoon, and the main parade is Saturday afternoon. I sold a red, white, and blue wreath to the Mardi Gras Queen, so it may be in the parade! I will be in Dothan so I won't know.

The marina is also a busy place at times and hosts festivals of its own.

Probably a lot more to say about it, but right now I'm listening to a tornado go past and hoping we don't lose power. Storms everywhere today, but all of my crew are safe and most are at work. Ty is delivering packages in it, and Jasmine works at Wonder Works and is loving it.

In book news, Life Lessons from Women of the Bible: A Daily Devotional for Preteen Girls is now available in both print and kindle. I hope you will get a copy for the preteen girl in your life or your church's girls' Sunday school class.

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