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On Vacation with the Freerunner Cover Model

I had the awesome opportunity to spend some time with the Freerunner cover model and her family in North Carolina last week. It was an amazing time in a beautiful setting. Here are a few highlights.

Kia showing off the coin she carries wherever she goes. Anyone remember what the book says about how she got it and what she did with it at the end?

Kia holding a book, but if you look closely, you'll notice it's not her book, it's Lexi's story!

Tubing on Deep Creek. Yes, Kia is the tallest on in the group!

Kia with the book she is cover model for. Note the new copy with the Selah finalist seal.

Purple is a good color on her. She's making a bracelet here. Previously she tie dyed a shirt with the rest of the group. They are all drying in the picture below.

Playing board games.

Rafting may not have gone as planned, but they were all good natured about it. Kia is still in the raft. My daughter is not! She's the bottom right. This might need to be the scene in an upcoming book.

In real life, as in the book, Kia (actually named Larissa) is a great person!!

If you know the answer to how Kia got the Statue of Liberty coin in the book AND you are not one of Kia's or one of my family members, post the answer below, and I'll send you a free audio copy of my newer book, Catching Hope!!

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