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The Backdrop Of Freerunning

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

My book teen fiction book Freerunner is, obviously, set against the backdrop of freerunning. I'm not sure when I first thought of writing a story about a girl who freeruns to literally try to outrun memories of the things that haunt her--in this case, past abuse. Somehow that seed of an idea grew to a full length story, and many, many rewrites later, it became the story that is available in print and soon to be available as an audio narrated by Sarah Kisko .

I am not a freerunner. What I know about freerunning, I learned from watching videos. Lots and lots of videos, many of them of Ronnie Shalvis. It is really fascinating to watch, and it was fun to use it as a story backdrop.

My cover model is not a freerunner either, but she is a dancer and a model, and she gave it a good try. However, there were a few bloopers, and I'm going post some photos of those below. Unfortunately I deleted many of them before decided to save them for a future blog post.

Reviews are starting to trickle in for Freerunner, and I hope if you have read it, you will share your thoughts in a review also. And thank you to those who already have.

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