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Do You Relate Better to Fictional Characters Than Real People?

It's possible. Sometimes there's that one unforgettable character that would be your best friend if only she could step off the page.

I count on teens being able to relate to my characters when I write my books. Each of the stories feature a female main character who is 15-years-old and has been hurt in some way or is seeking answers. Relating to a character can be incredibly healing for a person who has experienced past hurts, but especially for teens who have faced what my character is facing, whether it's Kia, who was molested, or Lexi, who had too many rough years in foster care, or Bailey who just wants to belong. When any of us deeply connect with a fictional character who has faced similar struggles or traumas, it can provide a sense of validation and comfort. Seeing a character navigate through their pain and eventually heal can serve as a source of hope and inspiration for our own healing journey.


Even if my teen readers didn't experience what my character did, they still may have feelings on the subject. And if they did face the same trauma, relating to a character can provide a safe space for exploring and processing emotions. By immersing ourselves in the character's story, we may find solace in knowing we are not alone in our experiences. It can also help us gain perspective on our pain and begin to make sense of it in a less overwhelming way.


Plus, seeing a character overcome their past hurts and grow from their experiences can offer a roadmap for our own healing. Witnessing a character's resilience and eventual healing can instill a sense of optimism and motivate us to take positive steps forward in our own lives. The way in which Kia, Lexi, and Bailey find their way may not work for the teen reader, but the successful resolution of the problem will encourage the reader to move ahead.


Most importantly, relating to a character striving to overcome reminds us that healing is possible and that our past hurts do not define us. Each of my three YA books also emphasizes that God has a plan for each person that is not changed or ruined by things that happened in the past.

If you're looking for a book for the teens in your life with characters they can relate to and who can help them find hope and heal, check out my books.

Besides the healing power of the message, they are engaging stories that will keep readers reading.

All three books are available in paperback, kindle, and audible versions.

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