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Kia's Quotes

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

In doing my final edits, some of my main character's words/thoughts stood out to me more than others. Here are four of my favorite quotes/thoughts of hers.

Thorn hands me a pile of DVDs. “You pick the movie, and I’ll make the popcorn.”

I blink back tears. Funny how family can feel like strangers and friends can become family.

I give a sad laugh. “I’m a runner, not a fighter. All I’ve ever been good at is running. Running from the visions, from the things that haunt me. Running from the things I can’t beat or change.”

Thorn and me? We might be fifteen on the outside, but we’re old on the inside.


Good news!! We are only waiting on my Library of Congress Control Number to come back, and then the book goes to print!

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