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Scuba Refresher

I have been working on an underwater crime scene story for quite a while. It's being written slowly because I have little knowledge of how crimes are really solved, unless of course you count watching NCIS reruns.

At the beginning of writing this inspirational fiction book, I had no knowledge of Scuba either. So I, along with a child then 14, decided to take the two-hour intro to scuba class. I figured I'd be claustrophobic, fail to clear my mask, and fail miserably, but yet I'd have some experience. In reality, we both loved it and signed up for the full class.

That has been about 4-5 years, and I have only been on a few dives since then.

Realizing it had been a while since I'd personally been on a dive (we were hit head on by Hurricane Michael as a Cat 5), I talked to my 15-year-old twins about certifying while I did a refresh dive. Another adult child was doing a refresh also.

Diving conditions were poor the first day, we went to Vortex Springs to dive. The water is 68F year round, and since springs have no current or waves, it was a very controlled dive.

While the twins did their certification dives, I dove with a boat captain with 18 years of experience. Good thing too, because I would have been lost otherwise.

So hopefully this dive will inspire me to get moving on my book, but the diving scenes aren't really the problem, putting the clues together to make an exciting and authentic underwater crime scene story is. Thankfully I have an amazing fiction coach who always finds a way to make things work. My goal is to have the story ready for submission by the end of 2020, which means I need to get moving on it. Unlike my first two books, this is not a young adult/teen story, it is my first adult fiction book.

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