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Quick Tips: Be Smart, Savvy, Strong

Quick Tips: Be Smart, Savvy,Strong Today Pam Farrel, author of 10 Secrets to Living Smart, Savvy and Strong, gives some Quick Tips to help women improve their fitness level. It only take a few minutes a day to be healthier and more fit.

Strong is the new thin! One of the mottos I go by is “Something is better than nothing”, so keep movement as a part of your daily life rhythm. Look to Play: Think back to what you loved to do for play as a child and do some of those activities again. Vary activities to break weight loss plateaus – and keep exercise interesting. Look for Balance: If you are you just focusing on cardio, then you are missing out on the benefits that weight bearing exercise gives even after your workout. If you are you skipping flexibility and balance, then you risk falls as you age. Plan your week so that you are gaining strength in all four areas. Look to Friendships: I mix up my exercise with both individual workouts and classes each week. I find my competitive nature works a little harder in a class! Look for Small Changes: My friend Danna Demtre says, “Small Steps add up in a big way over time.” Park further away, try a core ball instead of a chair, make your treadmill into a desk, or move every 30 minutes. Look to Rewards: Look for a reward other than food to keep your spirits up and body in motion. I buy a new work out outfit or a healthy cooking tool for each 10 pounds I lose.

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