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Mexico Beach

Florida has been quite cold this past week. Of course for us cold is 27F, while in other places it's been below zero.

Jasmine and I went to Mexico Beach to make a TikTok for my Exploring Florida theme. We used to take the kids there a lot when they were young, but we haven't been back since Hurricane Michael flattened it.

Mexico Beach is about 45 minutes east of Panama City Beach. It has the same beautiful white sand, but it is much quieter with only around 1,000 residents, no traffic lights, and a few Mom and Pop shops. We were sad to find that the Public Pier is no longer there. It hasn't been rebuild yet.

Jasmine and I started at Mexico Beach Sweet Shop. It was a bit pricey, but we got a banana cream shake and Key Lime Soda (that set us back over $13).

We shared a basket with fried shrimp and grouper cheeks at Killer Seafood.

After that we went into two shops--Mexico Beach General Store which had mostly bait and such, and Shell Shack which had the fun souvenirs.

We found our way to the beach where Jasmine went for a walk, and I took photos.

There honestly wasn't a lot to do in Mexico Beach. In warmer weather you can rent kayaks or charter a deep sea fishing trip. The beaches are probably full in summer months, but if you want a faster paced day out or more store and restaurant choices as well as the white sand beaches, head to Panama City Beach or farther west to Destin. If you're looking for quiet or a slower pace, Mexico Beach is for you.

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