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Staying Fit During the Holidays

Today author Sherry Kyle shares tips that are helpful to all of us this time of year--how to stay fit with all that tempting food and plates of goodies around.

Staying Fit During the Holidays

It’s not surprising people gain weight over the holidays with all the high-calorie food available and holiday movies to watch. Add in football season with long stretches of television and unhealthy snacks and there’s a combination that is sure to add inches to your waistline.

Here are three tips to keep you fit during the holiday season:

  • Treat yourself a bit, but be mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth. Use a small plate for meals, and eat something healthy before going to a party.

  • Get up and move every 20 minutes to keep the blood flowing and muscles engaged. Better yet, get exercise before you sit down to a meal and keep your body moving when you push away from the table.

  • Drink plenty of water. Many times we think we’re hungry, but in reality we’re dehydrated. Water is also important to replenish fluids after a workout.

Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

Sherry is the author of many books for preteens and adults including Love Lexi and Watercolor Dreams. You can order her books HERE

You can connect with Sherry on her website or facebook page

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