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Start of the Senior Year

If you've had a child graduate, you know the feeling of "how did we get here so quickly?" And that is more true for some children than others. I have a child entering her senior year that I am not ready to let go of. I took her home from the hospital at 21 days old, and it's been an amazing journey since then.

Going home day at about three weeks old.

She really is an angel.

First birthday.

I don't want to try to count how many surgeries and therapies we've been in since the day I took her home, but every trial was worth it to parent this amazing child.

She's not a girly girl, so we didn't spend much time in ballet, but she continued in jazz for a few years.

She played drums from 5th grade through 10th grade. At her school, band is your life, and she was so stressed she started to hate everything about it. She switched to taking part in the County Christian Youth Choir for three years and then to the local children's theater program. She's technically too old, but since she's only 4'9" and easy to work with, they let her join.

We are just weeks from the first day of her senior year, and I know it's going to go by way too fast as she struggles through her last few classes and seeks out the plan for her future.

In the meantime I have been taking loads of pictures to make a collage for her rather than just doing one senior portrait. If you follow my family blog, you have been a part of helping to choose the best photos. I will be posting some of them in days to come.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to set it up for people to post comments on each blog post here, so I don't have a comment box.

Here are a few of the favorites so far.

We will be adding to the collection in the next few weeks, and then choosing the best 6-10.

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