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Haiti: The Setting for Catching Hope

Catching Hope is set in the country of Haiti, a country I first visited in 1997 in conjunction with the adoption of my son Jeff. Then I visited six times from 2007 to 2009 while adopting twins, Kaleb and Kayla. Haiti experienced a major earthquake January 12, 2010. Many of the children in orphanages who were in the process of being adopted were sent home under refugee status. Our adoption had actually gone through court a week earlier, but the paperwork was in a building that collapsed in the earthquake.

If you take a cruise to Haiti, you see one side of Haiti, but that's not real Haiti. Most of Haiti lives in poverty. It's not beaches and resorts, it's survival. Here are some photos from my trips. Most were taken through a van window.

These first photos were taken at the orphanage. This is the way they cooked.

Clothes for 135 orphans were washed by hand every day in large tubs using soap that would practically peel the skin from your hands. I know because once my family visited the twins at the orphanage, I signed all of us up for laundry duty. It was a long time before my kids complained about unloading the dryer at home.

Eating area at the orphanage for the older kids.

The pictures below are around Port Au Prince and Cite Soleil

This last picture is at the entrance to the airport.

I will share more photos in a later post.

As you've read in previous posts, the Catching Hope Blog Tour is Underway.

Day four was an author interview. Not bad, I just wish that she had taken out the question where I answered, "I have no idea." LOL. That explains a lot in my life-- I have no idea. But I don't normally answer interview questions that way.

You can read the more intelligent sounding parts of the interview on For the Love of Literature blog.

Day 5 was another positive review "I enjoyed reading the story that was filled with adventure, danger and faith. " Check out the rest at Texas Book-aholic.

Today is Day 6 "The author does a wonderful job of bringing the sites to life, as well as the characters." You can read the rest at Inklings and Notions.

Stayed tuned for more about the blog tour, the background of the book, and the cover model.

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