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Life is Always Changing

Updated: May 14

I haven't posted much, and when I have, it's been real. Real feelings. Real life. If you are looking for cheery, this is the wrong blog.

Life is always changing, and just when I think I'm starting to find my way back, it all changes again.

I was an ARC for the post office. I delivered overflow parcels. I loved it. It was the perfect job for me. Until my back started locking up followed by spasms. I guess I lifted one too many sinks. Or 50 pound bags of dog food. Or weight sets. You get the idea.

I had to resign. And I am feeling so lost.

I am in a low place right now. I need to find my footing. I honestly feel a sense of loss about my job.

My dream job is author.

Or actually an author of books that sell.

I've had no sales for months.

I write faith based, issue based young adult books.

I write books for 12-16 year old girls about issues like molestation, abuse, belonging, and so on. Issues that need to be address but the Christian community shies away from.

In Freerunner Kia is molested by a family member when she is six. The abuser shows back up when she is 15. If statistics are to be believed, there are a whole lot of young teens who need this book. It will give them a way to talk about it. A fictional character to relate to.

And besides that, it's a fast paced sports story. But it's a hard sell. Parents don't buy books for kids this age as much, and they aren't going to spend their money on books. The church isn't always open to facing issues. I'd love to get this book in every middle school library in the country.

Catching Hope also deals with abuse but in foster care. And it deals with trust and other true feelings.

A Thousand Lies deals with finding out who you are and a sense of belonging.

All are short, fast paced, have a bit of suspense, and are very relevant.

I am kicking around three or four ideas for the next book, but I need to finish my underwater crime scene novel. And I just finished a short daily devotion book for middle school girls based on women of the Bible.

This is a very small book that would fit well in a back pack or in a locker.

Tomorrow I will be surrounded by family as will many of you. The little ones make me smile. The big ones too some times.

I am looking to 2024 with hope that many things will work themselves out.

I need to write my annual list of all I want to do and accomplish in 2024.

Wishing all of you the best in the New Year.

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